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By Milagros Torreani

Mar del Plata stands out for its visual beauty. The imposing sea and its great building position it within the most attractive tourist cities in the country and any man from Mar del Plata could affirm it.

Local photographer Juanchi Ugalde (27) specializes in portraying Mar del Plata from the air. Every day, through the social network Instagram, he shows different tourist spots and landscapes of the city captured with his drone. Shocking images and videos of the coast, sunrises or sunsets, route or emblematic places, catch their followers generating a climate where “La Feliz” takes center stage.

“In recent times I have realized the city we have, how big it is and the diversity of landscapes there is. “Said Ugalde in a dialogue with THE CAPITAL.

– When and how were your beginnings with photography?

-I started out in 2009. At that time I was going to Don Bosco school and I didn’t know what to study or what to do when I finished my studies. I wanted to go to the image side and I enrolled in the Graphic Design career. I studied for a year and a half and I realized that I did not want to design logos, visual identities or web pages, but I did want to dedicate myself to the image. One day in the country, my grandfather lent me an old analog camera, I took a couple of photos and I fell in love. Focusing and listening to the sound of the shutter curtain was something that struck me. Shortly after I was leaving school, my parents gave me my first reflex camera and from that moment on I didn’t stop. So it was that even at school lunch, my teacher of the subject “Culture” suggested that I make a photographic exhibition and I really liked exposing my images. I studied photography at Julián Rodríguez’s Workshop and I started doing jobs charging for something I liked. I realized that it was what I wanted for my life.

-What are you passionate about about the profession?

-What I like the most is the register of things and the light. I am a person who does not have much memory and I realized that this works in a photographic way. I recognize faces of people, places or moments in my life because at some point I photographed them. It is a tool used to freeze moments and save them over time. I am also passionate about working with photography, videos, and content creation because each job I do is a different proposition. The part I like the most is meeting people, learning and understanding that not all people are the same. There was a time when I really liked taking portraits of people. And to make a good portrait you have to dialogue, chat and know who is on the other side of the camera so that in a photo you can travel through the eyes of the person being portrayed and discover their soul.

-What experiences did it bring you?

-The registration of images has taken me to places that I never thought, to be with people that if I dedicated myself to something else I would never have known, to know how brands and businesses work and to sell or promote through images. I have been to recitals, I have traveled, I have socialized a lot and I have grown as a human doing the work that I do.

-What do you feel photographing Mar del Plata from the air?

-In this last time I have realized the city that we have, how big it is and the diversity of landscapes that there is. I try to show different stages of the year in the same city, its climatic changes and the postcards that change depending on the light when I take photos. I also photograph Mar del Plata to give landscapes to people who live in the city or who love to see the places where they spent the summer as a child or lived through seasons that they enjoyed a lot. The city changes a lot in summer and it is good to measure the number of people who come and how the rhythm of life changes. I feel that when I photograph my hometown I am giving back a little of how much it gave me throughout my life.

-Do you consider that your photos and videos contribute something different from what we commonly see in the city?

-I think I put the best of me in each photo. I try to give my imprint to each image through editing. I always liked to process and develop color in photos to give it a distinctive touch. I am very inspired by movies or series and by filmmakers that I admire. There are many professional people in the city who do excellent work, I think it is a city that has an excellent level in content creation and nothing to envy to the big cities.

-How did you evolve in your work?

-My work has evolved a lot in recent months. I have grown a lot in the networks and that makes me very happy since more and more people see my photos. It drives me to continue creating since there is good feedback also in the reactions of the people who interact with my content.

-What role do networks play in it?

-They play a fundamental role not only to show photos for hobbies but also to get jobs and clients. Nowadays, for people who are dedicated to the image, it helps us a lot to have a portfolio with good professional content. It is our letter of introduction, our portfolio. People are no longer looking for web pages but for Instagram links. I think you have to be very constant and try to figure out what your audience wants to see on the other side of the screen.

-Do you have any plans for the future?

-I want to take photos in other places outside my city, see other landscapes from the air and continue on the same path. I really like taking aerial photos and each city is different. I would love to go working in different parts of the country and portray moments. Also sometime I would like to travel abroad and get to know other cultures, other architecture and another panorama to show in photos.
I know that in the future these projects will come true; Because if you believe it, focus and project it, things are accomplished. For now I plan to continue making videos or photos for local clients and learning day by day and improving my results.

His best 10 photos

The photographer chose his best photos of Mar del Plata from the air. In addition to the main photo of this note, he chose these nine:










Juanchi Ugalde’s works can be seen on his Instagram accounts ( and Twitter (

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