The pavement in the downtown area sank and there were traffic complications

Civil Defense personnel detected the sinking and, with the support of the provincial police and the Transit Directorate, had to place several fences to divert traffic from Santa Fe to the north.

That caused a major bottleneck Due to the fact that a large number of urban passenger transport lines pass through that place.

Causeway sinking Santa Fe y Sarmiento.jpg

From the Ministry of Public Works of the Municipality they pointed to The capital that a concrete slab break through Santa Fe before reaching Sarmiento. Faced with this situation, he was arranged together with technical teams assess the severity of the damage and then intervene. For this purpose, personnel from Aguas Santafesinas (Assa) were summoned and participated by the possibility of a broken pipe under the road.

The area was liberated, open to traffic, since there is no danger, they indicated from Public Works, which does not mean that an intervention is not made instead. “Works will be scheduled for the opening of the concrete (underground inspection) for a prompt repair. Assa technical staff will also participate in these works. In this way, a date will be scheduled for the breakdown of the road and advance with a concrete patch. Assa will also inspect the opening of the pothole. Meanwhile, it is requested to circulate with caution “.

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