The new season of Bake Off Argentina started and the memes exploded on the networks

This Monday started the third season of Bake Off Argentina. The great success of the previous editions, generated great expectation among viewers, who were very active on social networks. They expressed their feelings and left thousands of memes of the funniest and most tense moments of this first program.

In addition, an emotional tribute was paid to Agustina Fontenla, one of the former participants most loved by the public and who died a few months ago because of the coronavirus.

Bake Off left a great mark among Argentine viewers and became one of the favorite pastry reality shows. This was demonstrated in the first and second seasons where the rating peak was marked, which made it one of the most watched programs at that time.

The first challenge of this new edition was highly commented on by Internet users. The driver Paula Chaves presented the slogan, which consisted of making a cake that tells their personal stories. “a cake that represents the exact moment when they are or were happy“, he stressed.

For its part, in the social networks Internet users were very interested in knowing the history of the new competitors. In that sense, one of the participants that was most commented on on Twitter was Gabriel, a taxi driver who longed to become a pastry chef and have his own pastry shop and serve tea and coffee with their own preparations.

In the bird’s social network, many users were moved by his story and made it clear that he was one of their favorites. Also, one of the members of this season that was talked about the most was Belén, who tried to honor her payments and made a cake in honor of Los Polvorines station.

This was one of the most talked about moments and they were flooded with memes full of humor. Mainly because of the unusual idea of ​​paying homage to a train station but it was also referred to by the final result of the preparation and many users speculated how those inhabitants of this neighborhood would feel when they saw their cake.

Another of the great protagonists of the night was Dolly Irigoyen. The renowned cook made her presentation as a new member of the jury and users published different memes for their particular way of evaluating preparations of competitors.

Finally, as happened in the second edition this Monday, a comparison was also made between the new and former participants. Internet users looked for similarities between the most remembered such as Marcos, Samanta and Agustina Fontenla, to whom the jury Damien Betular He dedicated a few heartfelt words to remember her a few months after her death due to the Covid-19.

The best memes from the start of the third season of Bake Off Argentina

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