The new life of Rocío Oliva, one year after the death of Diego Maradona

While his relationship with Diego Maradona was marked by scandal, Olive dew remember your former partner fondly. Uploading postcards to Instagram On important dates, the female soccer player is handled with a low profile one year after the death of the “Ten”, building a career separate from the soccer star.

Burying Maradona was not easy for Oliva, who did not say goodbye to his partner at the funeral held in the Pink HouseBut the months after his death would be just as difficult. With the player’s inner circle under fire due to suspicions surrounding his death, Oliva was the victim of harsh criticism despite not being linked to 10 for a long time.

His hardest crossing was with another of Maradona’s couples, Claudia Villafañe, live on the screen of America. After the confrontation on the table of Controversy at the Bar, Oliva decided that it was time to move away from the image of 10. It was thus that he gave up his chair in the historic cycle, declaring: “I want to do my career without talking about Diego“.

The present of Rocío Oliva: journalism, River and passion

The soccer player made an important announcement on the anniversary of Maradona’s death.

The criticism kept coming and the theories kept forming, but Oliva stopped giving them value with his statement. Far from the court cases surrounding Maradona’s death, he focused on his career and began to grow as a sports journalist. Today, he occupies a place on the panel of Spotless football by the screen of Canal 26.

Nor did she stop cultivating the passion that led her to meet Maradona, kicking for the Argentino de Merlo since mid-May of this year. It was wearing the colors of this team that Oliva remembered her ex again on the day that she would have turned 61, dedicating a goal to him on October 30.

In the last hours, Oliva shared an important announcement about his football career, this time off the field. Wearing the colors of River, the team that has been in his heart since he started playing, Oliva shared the news: “I am very happy to announce that I am part of the list of the ‘Frente Unidos x River Plate’ who leads Carlos Trillo with a view to the next elections on December 4“wrote the player from your account Instagram.

After Diego: love in Miami and secrets in Dubai

The player started a romance and was shown with her “partner” in Miami.

The peace away from the hurricane that is the area of ​​Maradona brought new beginnings to Rocío Oliva, both at work and in love. Although his social networks do not let him see it yet, the rumors of a new romance in Oliva’s life gained strength after being seen with a “mystery man” in Miami.

The rumor first came out on the screen of America, from the hand of Débora D’Amato in the program In the afternoon. The panelist shared the exclusive photos, taken by a friend located in the United States. “They are just arrived. Hours ago they arrived in Miami. What I can not say is if he went to get vaccinated or to pass the bomb“, said the media that called them”boyfriends or friends“.

Rocío herself came out to confirm the rumors shortly after the scoop, confirming the incipient romance to The fashion cage: “I found a man who is a partner, which keeps me going in all my projects, at work and personally“, he declared. While love did not blossom, with Oliva confirming his return to singleness a month later, he demonstrated be more than willing to fall in love.

Despite her achievements away from the Maradona surname, her ex’s shadow still places Oliva at the center of several speculations. The player returned to the headlines in early November, when he left on a trip to Dubai. In addition to being the land of oil, the city was also the scene of several years of romance between Oliva and Maradona, for which many suspected that your trip is related to the deceased 10.

He went to Dubai, he leaves for quite some time and he leaves to close some things and bring others“, Held Andrea Taboada, panelist of The Morning Angels (the thirteen). When listening to it, Angel de Brito added: “If you need a face-to-face trip, it is that must have accounts there“. Continuing with her low profile, Oliva ignored the rumors when the journalists received her in Ezeiza:”I don’t have to give any information. I am not aware of anything“he declared.

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