The new life of Claudio Basso, the winner of Operación Triunfo who works as a bricklayer

In 2003, Claudio Basso He became the winner of the first reality show of musical talents: Triumph operation. The young man started his singing career through the big door, with his first album, I challenge you, was nominated for Gardel Awards, and was preparing to break it on a tour of Mexico, Madrid and Miami when everything changed.

Fate twisted his path when an accident took him away from the stage for a long time. Although Claudio he continued singing, the clean and jerk that the program led by Marley had given him faded and nothing was the same.

Today, Bass He still sings, but combines his passion with other jobs, the way he found during the pandemic to get ahead when live shows were canceled and his savings burned. This is how he told it on Miter Live, in dialogue with Juan Etchegoyen.

“It was quite complicated, but it was more complicated at home because I had to take up some jobs. I rearranged my life, I composed a lot, but since I was at home for a long time, as it will have happened to the rest of the people, I was every day at the hardware store “, he remembered.

Claudio he put the batteries in and made several parts in his home. “I spent my time looking for screws, sandpaper, painting, I plastered, I raised walls, I glued ceramic tiles, I made the new kitchen. I did everything, I was desperate “, he recounted.

Bass He told how he coped with the crisis with his loved ones: “It was a lot with savings, with the help of the family, since we were locked up, the only ones we could see were them; we help each other. There were savings to waste time and we realized that there were things that are not so necessary to live ”.

“Everything was financially complicated, there was really a lot of fear and I tried to reinvent myself in different ways, always supported, thank God, by the family. We were able to pass this bitter drink and now taking up again with the artistic “, the artist closed, happy to be able to return to the ring.

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