The new Judicial Pole will be inaugurated on September 23

The building is located between Calle Plantamura and Atahualpa Yupanqui in Ciudad, behind the historic Boulogne Sur Mer prison, and has a constructed area of ​​17,000 m2.


Part of the property of the new Judicial Pole.

It has 25 courtrooms, four of which will be used for popular jury trials.

The first of the processes to be developed in the new Judicial Pole under this modality will be the oral and public trial of the Israeli Nicolás Gil Pereg, accused of killing his mother and aunt in 2019.

In the brand new facilities the criminal jurisdiction of Greater Mendoza will operate: judges, officials and employees will take possession of their offices and offices leaving behind part of the history of the provincial court building that was inaugurated at the end of the 1960s.

The move to the criminal jurisdiction began during the winter fair with the transfer of some but not all personal property, since the opening of the building includes the acquisition of furniture and technological terminals. The staff should show up to work practically with their clothes and some personal belongings.

On September 23, a tunnel built especially for the transfer of prisoners from the detention center to the courtrooms and judicial offices will also be formally inaugurated.

The construction of the new Judicial Pole began in 2018 during the government of Alfredo Cornejo and the completion and delivery deadline was deferred by approximately one year as a result of the Covid pandemic.

For the second stage, the facilities of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Public Ministry of Defense will be completed.

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