The most delusional invalid votes compiled by a woman from Mendoza

This was the null vote that Cecilia shared:

Null vote 2.jpg

From then on, the proposals of the Twitter community did not wait and the thread (which we share at the end of the captures) is still growing.

La caricatura Dragon Ball Z, after being lifted from the Cartoon Network channel for a scene in which Master Roshi confesses to having perverted thoughts with young girls, harassing one, had his clamor at the polls.

Null vote 1.jpg

Leo DiCaprio and his face in Quentin Tarantino’s film, Django without chains, which is already a classic in memes, said present at the polls.


The Front for the Commander was not left out of PASO 2021. Obviously among the null votes.

Null vote 5.jpg

This one grabbed it with everyone. They linked from the gendarmes to the journalists. No one was saved.

Null vote 3.jpg

And speaking of those who grabbed it with everyone … this null vote did not leave a puppet with a head!

Null vote 4.jpg

And one more vote for … well, this vote promises to hire hitmen. An atrocity.

Vote null 8.jpg

The homophobic and misplaced vote could not be absent.

Null vote 6.jpg

Whoops! Britney also had her militancy in the PASSES of the null votes.

Null rating 9.jpg

Santi Maratea, the influencer, was remembered at the polls and recognized as “the only one who did something” after the solidarity campaigns that he put together on social networks, especially Todos con Emmita.

Null vote 10.jpg

The vote for “Juan Carlos” could not be missed, with greetings and the response that has gone viral and served as a surprise for the president of the table and the prosecutors.

Null vote 12.jpg

Of course, the reference to the capybaras could not be absent, alluding to the national ruling party.

Null vote 13.jpg

The list continues to grow in the thread of Cecilia Suarez that we share below:

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