The Ministry of Health warns about the issuance of a false anti-Covid card

MEXICO CITY.- The Health Secretary reported on the circulation of a fake anti-Covid vaccination card offered on social networks.

Faced with this situation the In reiterated that the only way the vaccination certificate against him coronavirus It is through official government channels.

The announcement was made through the social networks of the Health Secretary, and where the alleged card that contains the logos of the federal government and the Ministry of Health is shown, as well as a QR code.

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Certificate of vaccination against Covid is not mandatory

For its part, the agency reiterated that the vaccination certificate against Covid-19 it’s just issued by official channels provided by the authorities, and recalled that so far it is not mandatory to present the certificate to enter open or closed public spaces.

The Ministry of Health informs that the card and / or mica shown below is FALSE; It is not issued by this or by any other authority of the Government of Mexico ”, says the publication.

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