"The mayor should not continue in his functions, “said Villada about the raid in Salvador Mazza

The news about the raid that took place in the Municipality of Salvador Mazza and other buildings in that town continues, where a millionaire kidnap was achieved against the mayor Rubén Méndez accused of illicit enrichment, finding a safe with a significant sum in pesos, dollars and euros, high-end vehicles, among other elements.

Among the repercussions of the case, the provincial government anticipated the sending of a bill for the intervention of the municipal Executive in Salvador Mazza, as a consequence of this scandal that transcended the national media inclusively.

The one who now spoke about it was the Minister of Government, Ricardo Villada, lamenting what happened as well as sentencing that Méndez cannot continue in his functions, considering the institutional gravity of the raid that produced the border city.

“Given the events that have occurred, the Government interprets that the credibility of the mayor has been damaged and therefore understands that he should not continue in his functions ”, declared the minister in an interview by Channel 9 Multivision.

That said, he pointed out that there are two paths for the removal of Méndez from his position, the first decision being of the Deliberative Council, while the other is the intervention for which they will make a decision based on the dialogue they have with the actors, legislators and leaders of the department San Martín.

“Méndez will have to resolve his personal situation with the Justice and there the judicial mechanisms will have to work, another issue is the impact on the municipal government, this is where the province is putting its vision to that there is a normal operating framework in the municipality ”, considered the official.

However, he said that they follow the issue very closely. “We are going to see what the Council decides upon the presentation of a license request by the mayor and, based on that, we are going to make a decision“Said Villada.

The situation hurts us, we must act firmly “

The minister stressed that the scene of what happened and the images released of the seizure have surprised the people of Salvador Mazza, which requires an institutional remedy. “It is a regrettable situation in terms of the institutional reality and the credibility of the people., in a city with so many needs, seeing these images hurts a lot ”, he concluded.

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