‘The Matrix 4’ already has a premiere date on HBO Max Latin America

The end of 2021 had some great premieres on the billboard -despite the conditions of the Coronavirus pandemic- among them ‘Eternals’, ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Y ‘The Matrix: Resurrections’, the latter, fourth installment of the franchise of Warner Bros And that finally already has an official release date in Latin America via streaming.

Directed by just one of the sisters Wachowski, ‘The Matrix: Resurrections’ introduces us again to “Thomas Anderson” aka “Neo” (Keanu Reeves), who once again finds himself immersed in the world of the matrix without remembering the events that he experienced in the previous trilogy. However, the memories begin to come to his memory little by little after stopping taking the blue pills prescribed by his psychiatrist, interpreted by Neil Patrick Harris.

The film also features the participation of its original co-star, Carrie Ann-Moss (“Trinity”), who does not seem to remember the previous events either. Naturally, the installment also saw new additions to the cast, including Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as a young “Morpheus”; Jessica Henwick in the role of “Bugs”; Y Jonathan Groff as “Agent Smith.”

Like many other projects that were affected by the health contingency, ‘The Matrix: Resurrections‘was released simultaneously, that is, at the same time in cinemas and HBO Max in the U.S. For the Latin American region, between 30 and 35 days would have to pass for its digital premiere after its debut in cinemas, and this is how it has been confirmed that the feature film will hit HBO Max Latam on January 28.

However, according to specialized reports, the simultaneous release strategy was not so profitable for ‘Matrix 4’, as Warner Bros. could lose up to $ 100 million due to the film’s weak box office performance. The film had a budget of $ 190 million plus another $ 50 million for promotional items, and so far it has only grossed $ 125 million worldwide, well below expectations.

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