The influencer who was encouraged to imitate Livia Brito live

A flirty video came to light where you see the influencer Kimberly Loaiza showing off her amazing figure to her fans. What was most surprising is that was encouraged to imitate the style of the beautiful actress of Cuban origin, Livia Brito. Safety pin!

It should be noted that it is not the first time that both Instagram stars, both Kimberly as Livia Brito, they share content with an identical dance. But, apparently, this time it was not programmed by any and everything was seen as a mere coincidence, but no.

Live: The influencer Kimberly imitated Livia Brito’s dance

The influencer Kimberly Loaiza she was encouraged to imitate Livia Brito with a very particular dance. The young woman appears dancing to one of the most popular melodies, especially in TikTok, where he already has more than 57 million followers.

It is already known that once a TikTok video or audio becomes popular, millions of people start following the trend. With this, then it is followed by following the dance steps accompanied by the audio that is heard, and this is what happened with the video shared by the influencer who was encouraged to imitate Livia Brito live.

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The popular video of Livia Brito live

The video of the Cuban actress Livia Brito it was shared on TikTok on November 22, 2021. Despite the fact that the actress uploaded it about 2 days after Loaiza published it, no one can imagine who imitated whom or perhaps they agreed and recorded it days before.

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Said audio says: “they are original – Nlvxa” and there is no doubt that it became extremely popular in the application of young people. In Loaiza’s video you can see how she wears a flirty white top with long sleeves and a “V” neck. In addition, she is wearing blue leggings with white spot prints and 2 very sensual straps that cross at her waist.

But nevertheless, in Brito’s video, appears with a slightly warmer look in gray with pants and a sweatshirt, and a black vest with a cap also in black.

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