The incredible request of the Government to the industry for the peak of electricity consumption

As a result of the massive power cuts, from the government of Alberto Fernandez They took two measures that aim to lower consumption. The first was to order telecommuting for state employees who can do it. The second was to ask the industrial sector to moderate its production between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Specifically, the government He asked the industrial sector to “reduce the demand for energy” between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm in those factories that “do not have continuous cycles.” “The priority is residential energy,” they justified.

The decision was made based on projections that speak of a new historical consumption record for this Thursday. The Secretary of Energy, Dario Martinez, said that a consumption of 28,550 megawatts is expected and linked it to a strong process of economic reactivation that the country is experiencing, which implies greater energy demand, added to the extreme temperatures that are being experienced throughout the country since the beginning of the week.

“We have communicated with large users so that during peak hours they reduce the demand for energy, of course for those who do not have a continuous cycle,” he explained Martínez in a press conference he gave this morning with the Minister of Security, Aníbal Fernández, where he stressed that the Government seeks to put energy supply in homes as a “priority”.

Aníbal Fernández was in charge of explaining the measure.

Officials indicated that permanent monitoring of the energy situation of the AMBA and the province of Buenos Aires and Fernandez took the opportunity to reload against Juan Jose Aranguren, former Minister of Energy of Mauricio Macri. “I heard the scoundrel of (the former Macrista Energy Minister Juan José) Aranguren talking about why the rates are low that is why he consumes. It is consumed because it is produced, sir, it does not do what you used to do to break up the industries ”, he stressed.

Martínez and Fernández highlighted that the president Alberto Fernandez decided to accompany this request to the productive sector with the provision of the remote or remote work modality for today and tomorrow in the national public administration from noon to reduce water and energy consumption in the dependencies against high temperatures.


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