The Guaymallén teacher accused of repeatedly abusing his students will remain in prison

In this way, the man will be housed in the Boulogne Sur Mer prison until it is determined whether he goes to trial for the alleged sexual abuse in Guaymallén. In any case, the defense still has a body to appeal the ruling that was issued today.

sexual abuse school guillermo cano guaymallen.jpg

The Guillermo Cano school, where the teacher accused of sexual abuse worked in Guaymallén.

repeat offender

On October 20, Diego Montuelle was caught by police personnel and was housed in the cells of Police Station 25. Days ago, A married couple reported that the subject had touched their son’s private parts at the Guillermo Cano school, located on Godoy Cruz street, in San José. The man, who taught math classes, was charged with simple sexual abuse aggravated by being in charge of guarding the victim – from 3 to 10 years in prison.

The school parents demanded explanations when they learned that The man had been sentenced in 2015 to three years in prison for a similar abuse he committed against two brothers when he was a catechetical teacher in a parish.

With the progress of the investigation, it was detected that Montuelle had created a WhatsApp group where only the boys could be, without the supervision of any parent, and that he even maintained communications with the minors until the wee hours of the morning.

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