The Government will investigate Javier Milei for the draw for his salary as a national deputy

The Executive Branch, through the Access to Public Information Agency (AAIP) -the autonomous body of the National Government- opened an investigation on Monday to the new deputy, Javier Milei. The reason? The raffle he announced in the last week to circumvent his diet as a public official.

From Pink House confirmed the opening of the investigation for the alleged violation of law 25,326, on the protection of personal data, he specified Page 12. On the other hand, it should be noted that Milei opened the website for “redo” your salary as a member of the lower house of the Congress, for the City of Buenos Aires.

Javier Milei in the spotlight for his controversial draw.

Who does not want the thing, more than 800,000 people signed up to win the money promised by the libertarian benchmark. Despite this, for the AAIP the main drawback resides in the proposal. It aroused multiple criticisms on social networks. In the site that Milei shared, there is no section where the privacy policy of the database is explained.

Javier Milei still did not give explanations

In addition, neither Milei nor the consulting firm Rom (in charge of the design of the page) are registered in the National Registry of Personal Data Bases of the AAIP. On the other hand, they expressed from “Go News”The destination of the database after the draw is not specified, nor is it specified how citizens could exercise the right of control contemplated by current law, since the items that are requested are the ID, name and surname, date of birth, email and cell phone number.

Mieli Site Registration

This is the form posed by the site created by the deputy, Javier Mieli.

“The draw will take place on Wednesday, January 12, at 7:30 p.m., in Playa Grande, Mar del Plata”, advanced the leader of Freedom Advances. From the environment of Javier Milei they presented the initiative as a “revolutionary practice consistent with its ideology”.

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