The Government closed access to the Aconcagua park due to storms and floods in the streams

The park ranger service addressed this Thursday afternoon to evacuate only people who were walking inside the park, including those who were going to the Confluencia camp (3,200 meters), and others who were traveling from this point to Plaza de Mulas, more than 4,000 meters away.

All the visitors and ministers were instructed to return to their camps. Those who were trekking in the Laguna de Horcones circuit, the gateway to Aconcagua, were also made to return to the park.

The reopening of Aconcagua was subject to the weather

The Secretariat of Environment and Territorial Planning announced this Thursday afternoon the temporary closure of the Aconcagua Provincial Park, due to the presence of strong storms in the high mountain area and the occasional presence of avalanches that can put the physical integrity of the visitors.

Park Rangers and Rescue Patrol personnel who present service and assistance to visitors performed some tasks of eviction in the Confluencia and Horcones area. From the agency it was also reported that at the moment there are no inconveniences, no accidents and no stranded.

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The Aconcagua Provincial Park rescue patrol -UPRAM- learned of the discovery of the body of a lonely mountaineer 80 meters from the summit of Aconcagua, in the La Canaleta area. If the weather is good, this Tuesday they could reach the place where the unfortunate athlete is, the first victim of the season.

Photo: Fernando Martinez / Diario UNO

Those who were (this Thursday) traveling through the park were returned to the entrance or to the camps, for example, from the entrance to Confluencia, or from Confluencia to Plaza de Mulas, and they were told to return to their camps, “explained Sebasti√°n Melchor, the province’s director of Renewable Resources.

“It is good to clarify, to do not alarm, that we have had to make withdraw, rather than evacuate people, due to the strong storms “, completed the official in relation to the prevailing forecast.

The reopening has been subject to improving the weather in the high mountains, and when an official report from the meteorological service is issued that confirms it, access to the park will be allowed again.

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