The four keys to success that billionaire Harv Eker comments on in his book The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Harv Eker He is not only known for being one of the most important motivational exhibitors in recent times, but also for having written The secrets of the millionaire mind, a personal development bestseller that focuses on how people must change the way they see life in order to be successful. Here are four of the keys that the multimillionaire discloses in its manual.

1. Take charge of life

According to Harv Eker, poor people think: “Life is something that happens to me”, while rich people with a millionaire mentality claim: “I create my life”. This simple change in the way of seeing reality is very important for the future of people, since, by taking charge of their own life and not blaming “existence”, an individual can change the course of their destiny .

2. Take risks

On the other hand, the businessman also explains that you have to play the game of money to win and not play the game of money not to lose, as “poor minds” do. This means that you have to take risk when undertaking in the world of investments. Without risk, there is no reward; without reward, there is no success.

3. Eliminate resentment

To really achieve success, Harv Eker reveals that it is extremely important to stop resenting the economic position of others. Many people tend to get upset with those who achieved wealth and prosperity, when what they should really do is admire them, since they achieved what they could not.

4. Improve the social circle

Finally, the multimillionaire recommends improving the social circle. What this means is that it is necessary to eliminate, whenever possible, the negative influences that only emanate pessimism and mediocrity. Instead, you have to meet successful people who have ambitions and life projects.


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