The final scrutiny begins, which will put the exact number to the victory of Together in the Province

The final scrutiny will begin this Tuesday afternoon throughout the country and will finish putting the official number on the results of the Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory elections, in order to validate the applicants who will be able to compete in the general elections on November 14 .

As established in article 112 of the National Electoral Code, the final count of votes, the only one that is valid, begins 48 hours after the end of the elections: that is, it will begin this Tuesday at 18:00. to make claims and protests about defects in the constitution and operation of the polling stations and about the election.

The final scrutiny will be carried out by the federal court with electoral jurisdiction in each province, so that the districts with the least number of voters will be able to complete this task in a few days. Meanwhile, in the Province of Buenos Aires, which with its 12,740,804 qualified voters is the district with the highest number of votes (8,434,037 voted in the PASO), the recount will take between 10 and 12 days, approximately, judicial sources indicated. Ana.

They enabled the Offender Registry for those who did not vote in the STEP

According to the National Electoral Code, “the final scrutiny will be adjusted, in the consideration of each table, to the examination of the respective act to verify: if there are indications that it has been adulterated; if it does not have substantial defects of form; if it is accompanied by the other minutes and documents that the president may have received or produced as a result of the electoral act and counting; if he admits or rejects the protests; if the number of voters who voted according to the act coincides with the number of envelopes sent by the president of the polling station Verification that will only be carried out in the event of a complaint from a political party acting in the election; if there are appealed votes, it will consider them to determine their validity or nullity, counting them as a whole by electoral section. “

“Once the pre-established verifications have been carried out, the Board will limit itself to carrying out the arithmetic operations of the results recorded in the minutes, unless there is a claim from a political party acting in the election,” adds the current rule.

The ballot box at table 69 of the Argentine Catholic University (UCA), in which President Alberto Fern√°ndez voted, could be one of those that is carefully observed, since a record was made for having the sashes broken during the elections. For that reason, which was discovered from the television images and social networks, the leader of United Republicans Yamil Santoro requested the annulment before the Justice.

Once this task is completed, the results will be made official and the spaces that managed to exceed the 1.5% floor will be formalized to be able to compete in the generals on November 14. In addition to the members of the electoral Justice, the prosecutors of the parties and alliances that competed in the PASO last Sunday will also participate in the count. (NA)

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