the end of a saga and a phenomenon?

As the fifth Scream has arrived, a look back at the entire Ghostface saga. The best episodes, the best scenes, the worst moments…

If the fifth Scream is (very) disappointing for Ecran Large, this new opus has also won over many fans of the Ghostface saga. The perfect opportunity to return to the franchise initiated by Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven, with Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courteney Cox.

After a first Scream who revolutionized the genre, the saga has continued to push its limits. Scream 2 who cleverly integrated his own success from the intro scene, memorable. Scream 3 pushed the limits of the meta with a Hollywood setting, for a biting (self)parody. Scream 4 brought back Ghostface for a massacre set in a new era. And Scream (5) continues this momentum, commenting on the state of horror cinema, and the behavior of fans.

The Scream

No matter which episode we prefer, we hate, we regret, we worship, Scream remains an exciting subject of study. The proof : we invited Judith, from the Demoiselles d’Horreur channel, to discuss it with Geoffrey.

The best scenes, the best episodes, behind the scenes, the problems, and above all the legacy of Scream : we dissect the phenomenon.

The guide to see Scream 5 and understand everything.

Why Scream 3 isn’t so bad.

What is the best of the Screams? We come back to each episode in this file.

Our review of Scream 5, with Geoffrey and Damsels of Horror:

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