The drastic decision that Alicia Kirchner made after the electoral beating

The governor of Santa Cruz, Alicia kirchner, I take one drastic decision and asked for the resignation to his entire cabinet after the hard electoral defeat in the PASO elections on Sunday. The president will now decide which resignations she accepts and which officials she ratifies in her position.

The Front of All suffered a hard electoral defeat in the province cradle of Kirchnerism. The Together for Change lists added 38.6% of the votes, while the Frente de Todos list only added 26.46%.

The Cambia Santa Cruz front (Juntos por el Cambio provincial seal) prevailed with ease and the list of the radical national deputy Roxana Reyes won the internal one for the November elections.

The hard electoral defeat of the Frente de Todos spread throughout the country.

After the hard electoral defeat, Alicia kirchner asked the resignation of all the civil servants with charge of undersecretaries upwards. Now the governor of Santa Cruz it will have to decide which officials are ejected from their position to “oxygenate” their management in the face of the legislative elections in November.

Alicia Kirchner will seek to oxygenate her management ahead of the November elections.

The surprise electoral defeat was a severe blow to the Government of Santa Cruz, the province cradle of Kirchnerism, and joined a series of defeats that the ruling party suffered throughout the country. That is why from the Casa Rosada they seek to relaunch the management of the Frente de Todos and reverse what happened in the face of the general elections.


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