The drama of Maru Botana’s children: "They tell them things"

When talking about the criticism and the unfortunate comments that she sometimes receives on social networks, Maru Botana was very sad to give details of how her heirs are dealing with the situation.

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“I have the big boys, family. When it affects you, it is nothing but when it starts to affect others … “, he began by saying, in the cycle of Luis Novaresio.

Thus the host referred to the questions she received about a recipe for macarons she made in a live broadcast. “The other day it happened to me. I do not want to speak ill of anyone, but a case specifically of a prescription passed me. I had to explain to them that I’m not going to stop being Maru Botana because someone says I did something wrongDo you understand? ”, He asserted.

“I had to tell Agus, ‘You know, fat man, that if at this point in my life I have to get down to explain a recipe The truth is that I did everything wrong, ‘”said the cook, about the questions asked by one of her sons.

“It is difficult to explain all the trajectory that you have and sometimes the boys, with this of the networks, they live today, the insult. Think that he should receive it”He lamented.

In addition, Maru Botana referred to the controversy that arose after she will travel with her entire family to Europe during the quarantine and after she complained about not being able to return from France.

“I have a 16-year-old daughter and she told me that she got mad at one of them because ‘he said this and that about you’ when it came to the hotel. And the blonde said, ‘Don’t talk bad about my mom!’ and I loved it, but that already happens to them. They go walking and tell them things”, He asserted.

Maru Botana: “My children get angry with my followers”

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