The Dipy celebrated the results of the PASO: “With or without secondary, always standing, never kneeling”

Adrián Martínez, popularly known as El Dipy, used his social networks to express himself after the Simultaneous and Mandatory Open Primary elections that were held this Sunday. The singer said he was “happy” with the results that the Frente de Todos did not win.

“I don’t have to propose anything. I am a Citizen. I am not a politician. And I am happy. I suck an egg who won. What matters is that you lost. Home and cure that tail, “he wrote on his social networks after the results were known and asked him to propose ideas instead of tweeting.

He had previously said that he risked a lot by expressing his ideas but that he did not regret it: “I put my career at risk. I gambled that a lot of people who listened to me and was Kirchnerista were fucking me around here. I discussed with my representatives, friends, people in my field, colleagues, journalists, etc. for talking about politics and I’m still here. And I will continue fighting. For my children, for yours, for my family, for yours. Because no matter how much I sing cumbia and I don’t have a secondary school, I don’t forget that this country gave me everything. So I am indebted to him ”.

“I am going to put my chest for every piece of land on this ground. Because it’s mine. Because it’s ours. It is not a thousand assholes. It is ours. It is ours, we must take care of it and defend it. With or without secondary. With or without silver. Always standing. Never on your knees. Thank you all for your stamina ”, he added to close the thread.

At another time, while the Frente de Todos event was taking place, with Alberto Fernández and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner as the main figures, Dipy also used his Twitter account: “Cristina’s ortho face. Ecstasy”.

A few months ago, after he expressed himself against the current government in more than one interview, the possibility that the Road Tourism pilot could formally enter politics was considered, something that he himself rejected. “Did you really think about everything that was said about me yesterday? What was with this and the other? I am not with Peronists or with radicals or with JxC. I am alone. Without 1 peso. If you want to enter politics, you have to compromise. I do not transect, I prefer to set up my own game before, “he said at that time on his social networks.

“If one day I can raise the money to set up a game and arrive, I sign in front of all the television cameras and before a notary public that I donate, every month that I collect, 100% of my salary to a different school,” said El Dipy in another message.

“I am not Ofelia Fernández (the Buenos Aires legislator from the Frente de Todos), I am not a lying garca like everyone and everyone,” said Mariana Diarco’s ex, who said that he does not want to live “on what the State pays, which comes from the pocket of the people “, but wants that, in the case of ever receiving said salary,” go back to the people and their children, so they can study. ” “With that I could have what little I have. I am not a parasite, I am a laburante. Everything I say on TV and here is what I think. I do not betray what I say for money, “he said in the Twitter thread he made in July to deny his landing in politics.

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