The decoration interview of the Campana brothers

Your decoration, design or arty obsession?

Humberto Campana. Sharaan, Jean Nouvel’s hotel project carved into the sandstone cliffs of the Al-Ula desert in Saudi Arabia.

Fernando Campana. The boots of Elsa Schiaparelli (1890-1973). I am fascinated by his way of reinterpreting shoes with humor.

An inexhaustible source of inspiration?

H. C. Microorganisms, because they present a complexity, a degree in detail, that humans will never be able to reach.

F. C. The life !

What do you always dream of changing when you arrive at someone’s house?

H. C. Strip the place until you reach the essential.

F. C. Pretty much everything, with all due respect, of course. I can not help myself.

The Instagram account you follow?

H. C.@nasahubble, the official account of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope.

F. C. I don’t have an account myself! I am an offline creature.

First aesthetic shock?

H.C. The black and white photos of the construction site of the federal capital Brasilia, in the 50s, published in the magazine “Life”: the metal structures looked like giant dinosaurs.

F.C. The image of man on the moon.

The vivid memory of your childhood home?

H. C. A mango tree that we had in our garden and in which I had built my cabin.

F. C. The building materials around the house with which I made objects.

If you were an object?

H. C. A hot air balloon, for its lightness.

F. C. A plane, to have a global view.

The art or design book lying around on your bedside table?

H. C. “Atlas of furniture design”, more than 1,600 objects and furniture produced for Vitra (ed. Vitra design museum).

F. C. “A Labor of Love” by Li Edelkoort and Philip Fimmano (ed. Lecturis), a reflection on the design of tomorrow and ways to reinvent our way of producing.

You break up in a museum, what work do you take with you?

H. C. “Debaixo do meu chapéu” (“Under my hat”, in French) by the late Brazilian artist Tunga, a real baroque delirium.

F. C. The sculpture “O Impossível” by Maria Martins, one of the great ladies of Brazilian art of the twentiethth century. I like this bronze as much for its surrealism as for its aggressive and delicate appearance.

Vore mentor for eternal life?

H. C. Landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx because he taught my generation about the richness of Brazilian biomes [écosystèmes sous un même climat, ndlr].

F. C. Italian architect and designer Massimo Morozzi. He taught me to design pieces that are not only functional, but also allow people to dream.

An essential to create?

H. C. Voyager.

F. C. First, be in the right place. Then, the challenge of the unexpected.

Your madness at the moment?

H. C. Vacations !

F. C. Sharpen my eyes on everyday life.

Your definition of beauty?

H. C. Everything that brings lightness to our eyes.

F. C. A sober madness!

* From December 1 to 5, the Campana brothers present the “Aguacate” mobile installation and the “Merengue” flower seat made for the Objets Nomades collection by Louis Vuitton, information. on

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