The day has come: the Municipal Theater reopens its doors

The long awaited day arrived. The Municipal Theater reopens its doors, with the works already completed, which included improvements to the fire network, an adaptation of the electrical installation to the new regulations and the renovation of sound equipment.

And today, when the curtain rises, there will be special guests. In addition to the former mayors who were invited by Héctor Gay himself, they will also present referents from different fields, both from politics and from culture and industry.

“It is a long awaited moment. It was in April 2019 that the staff withdrew and work began on the preparation of plans, to review a lot of factors that had to do with what the UTN reported, which accounted for a risk in the building ” , remarked in Compass 24 the head of the Cultural Institute, José González Casali.

And he added: “During all that year that task was done, the theater did not have plans and it was necessary to go very backwards. In any case, there are aesthetic issues that will remain pending but that will be done until the end of the year, for example in the Sala Payró. People will be able to see through the windows that it is being carried out and that it is a very important work ”.

Reopening functions

  • Thursday October 14: Official Function
    Elena Roger & Escalandrum
    They celebrate the work of María Elena Walsh
  • Friday October 15: Elena Roger & Escalandrum
    Centennial of Astor Piazzolla
  • Saturday October 16: Provincial Symphony Orchestra of Bahía Blanca. Tribute concert to the centenary of Astor Piazzolla. Guests: Quartet by Lucio Passarelli
    Address: Mtro. Ramin Bayani
  • Sunday October 17: Conservation Typical Orchestra, more than 20 artists who will present a tango repertoire.

Those who wish to attend the performances can request their ticket online and once obtained, they must collect the location at the theater box office up to 48 hours before the performance.

For their part, the Artistic Organizations of the South will offer a second function within the framework of the reopening. It will be on Friday, October 29 at 9:00 p.m. Concert of the Wind and Percussion Ensemble of the Provincial Symphony Orchestra of Bahía Blanca and the Stable Choir.

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