The day Dr. Polo sent a man to jail live

The Dr. Polo became the most famous lawyer on Latin American television by hosting the popular show “Case closed“. Many of his episodes will remain in the memory of his followers and one of the funniest was when The 62-year-old Cuban sent one of her guests to jail live.

“Arrest this man, call the police, process to demand (…) He is in prison, he is a filthy, perverse man who is making his daughter sick with his illnesses. I have said, case closed“, emphasized the Dr. Polo when he brought the case forward. It never emerged if the subject was actually apprehended, but the case is about a problem of family violence that involved a minor.

In general, the events that were covered in the program were bizarre like the case of twins who fell in love with each other or a person who was allergic to electromagnetic radiation from WiFi. But there were also other complications, such as that of a former military man who was sued by his son for subjecting him to torture by the army to “cure” his homosexuality.

Is Dr. Polo really a lawyer?

The role of the charismatic host was to act as a judge while the guests accused each other. Although the program did not deal with cases legally, it is true that the Doctor Polo She is a lawyer: she studied Political Science at Florida International University and then graduated in Law from the University of Miami.

Once you got your degree, Ana María Polo She specialized in Family Law, which is why almost all of the cases in her program dealt with family violence, and she is licensed to practice in the state of Florida. Seeing so much abuse towards women, on many occasions she expressed her repudiation of machismo and the injustices that occur mainly in lower class people.

In his career as a lawyer, he had difficult experiences, but one of them was traumatic and to this day he assures that it is the worst he had to go through in professional matters. Years ago, she was a referee judge in a marital violence case in which she approved the couple’s divorce, but the man ended up murdering the woman.

Having experience in this matter, in the late 1990s the Dr. Polo she was invited to radio and television programs to speak about rights and laws. In 2001, when Telemundo wanted to launch the program “Sala de Parejas” (later “Case closed“) summoned her because she had experience both in the media and in the courts and from there she gained international recognition.

Did you remember this episode resolved by the Dr. Polo?

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