The Court announced the creation of a protocol to attend to victims of workplace violence

These actions are accompanied by the Coordination of the Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPF) and the Public Ministry of Defense (MPD), it was reported during the act carried out in the provincial courts by the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

The Directorate for Women, Gender and Diversity “Carmen Argibay” has been working in recent years to provide trainings on gender issues and violence against women, as the Micaela Law, among other.


The Directorate for Women of the Supreme Court of Justice serves on the second floor of the provincial courts.

Also in the creation and protocols of action and the subsequent approach to contain the victims who arrive to report gender violence and take care, through personalized advice, so that each case is treated and investigated in the Judicial Power.

The conformation of specialized fiscal units in charge of the MPF and the MPD They complete this virtuous triangle based on the large number of cases that reach the Mendoza courts.

In recent times the approach of the Justice regarding this scourge has changed in a positive way. In fact, officials, employees, judges and prosecutors use the gender perspective at the time of carrying out investigations, resolutions and sentences that had their starting point in the complaints.

Eradicate gender violence From the awareness and also from each investigation or judicial ruling is the path outlined by the Judicial Power, where more and more cases arrive.

Informative posters were installed in the courts about the approach to the problem that is increasing in the country.

Beyond the traditional forms of this problem, such as violence in the marriage or partner or within the family, a new casuistry worries: violence in the workplace.

That is why the launching of “Participate to Change” and the call within the Justice to assume the daily commitment to exercise citizen rights that implies advising, attending and channeling these types of events.

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