the connected thermostat drops in price to save energy

If you are concerned about saving energy, here is an offer you should like since it concerns the connected thermostat from Netatmo which is right now at a great price.

Netatmo: save on your energy consumption

the connected thermostat that we offer can be connected to a gas, oil or wood boiler, a heat pump and be totally controlled from your smartphone via the dedicated application.

With the Netatmo, you can also trigger your boiler remotely in relation to the desired temperature and even plan the temperature ranges on a weekly basis according to your presence. You should also know that it is compatible with Google Assistant, you can therefore give him instructions using your voice via a connected speaker or your mobile.

This thermostat is equipped with Auto-Adapt function which analyzes the insulation of your home and the outside temperature on a daily basis. It automatically determines the time required to reach the desired temperature.

The installation is very simple, just disconnect your thermostat and install it. No need to pull cables, it is completely autonomous thanks to a system of piles AAA. You can put it on a piece of furniture, stick it to a wall or screw it. To check the compatibility with your system, simply go to the manufacturer’s website.

Netatmo announces a savings of up to 25% on your energy bills and you can check your consumption monitoring via a report. 1 degree less is 7% on your bill.

The connected Netatmo thermostat is currently 119.99 euros instead of 179.99 euros. And to get around quickly, here is another good plan for an electric scooter.

Why succumb?

  1. To save money
  2. To remotely control the temperature
  3. For its Google Assistant compatibility

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