The brief message that Mega showed at the end of ‘Demente’ and the reactions left by the chapter

At the end of the chapter, Mega showed a message in which they warned that “mistreatment, abuse and violence hide cowardly behind the ties and of whom we least think”. Also, the final episode was not to the liking of all his followers.

In the final chapter of Demented, this Wednesday Mega showed a warning message about violence against minors.

“The mistreatment, abuse and violence hide cowardly behind the ties and in whom we least think”, they pointed out.

“More than a thousand children have disappeared in Chile in the last 10 years. Fiction helps us to bring out of the shadows subjects that deserve to be in the light. Let’s take care of our children ”, they added.

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The story, written by screenwriters led by Pablo Illanes, revolved around the kidnapping of Mateo, the little son of Teresa Betancourt (Paz Bascuñán) and Joaquín Acevedo (Benjamin Vicuña), a wealthy couple from the Metropolitan region.

The culprit ended up being Teresa’s brother-in-law and Flavia’s husband (Patricia rivadeneira), Dante (Andres Velasco), who even murdered Joaquin.

Dante kidnapped the little boy and kept him with Melissa (Paulina Moreno) – whom he had kidnapped years before – in a subway in his yard, until he was discovered by his relatives and the police.

The culprit, after being arrested, ended up committing suicide in jail. His wife, meanwhile, married Inspector Cáceres (Ingrid Cruz), with whom he began a relationship in the middle of the plot.

The reactions

Despite the dramatic end, on Twitter there were those who showed their displeasure with what happened in the chapter, although they praised the wedding, which occurred just the day the equal marriage was approved in the Chamber of Deputies.

“They never said what happened to Melissa and why her son died. They end with the typical wedding cliché. Even if they killed Joaquín, it would have been more emotional for him to meet Mateo again. Encourage (sic) the end, I expected more ”, criticized a user.

“At least Patty (Rivadeneira) looked happy!” other. “(The ending) was too happy and predictable, I lacked sadness and anguish”, also could be read.

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