the boy who went viral for his incredible resemblance to a character from Enchantment


Her parents shared the comparison on social media and the photo has been taken around the world. Look at the image and the important message on representativeness that it leaves behind!

The boy who could star in the live action of Charm.

©DisneyThe boy who could star in the live action of Charm.Camila lopez

Weeks ago Disney first Charm, an animated film that looks back on Colombian customs through a magical story full of catchy songs. Now… will the live action come? For the moment nothing is confirmed but, if it is the case, there is already a child running to play one of the characters. Is it your similar is so shocking even he can’t believe it, turning viral on social networks.

The film, now available in Disney+, has become a favorite of viewers thanks to the way he approaches relationships between relatives. He does it through the family Madrigal, where Mirabel stands out as the protagonist. She closely supports Antoine, one of the children who is about to receive a very special gift that will accompany him throughout his life.

In the case of the little one, its quality will be to be able to communicate perfectly with the animals. Enjoying the movie at home, fan of barely 2 years who lives in New York felt very identified with the character. Not only because of his personality characteristics, but also because of his physical appearance! Her name is Kenzo Brooks and his parents were in awe of the animated character’s resemblance to their own son.

After sharing the footage on their social media and quickly making the comparison viral, the Brooks family were interviewed on Good Morning America, where they ensured that Charm really succeeded in representing the different communities on the big screen, thus promoting the hashtag #RepresentationMatters and thus referring to the fact that these types of films are important and necessary.

Regarding the image in which Kenzo poses next to the television and his resemblance to the character of Antonio can be seen, his mother Kaheisha enthusiastically remarked: ” Truly I think he thought he was seeing himself. He just looked at the screen and came back to look at us smiling”. A tenderness!

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