The best memes for the end of Rubí

MEXICO.- This Friday, January 14, the last episode of Ruby, the successful telenovela that despite its multiple repetitions don’t lose viewers, but continues to cultivate fans of new generations. So much was the commotion caused by the melodrama that the name of the protagonist became a trend in social networks.

Internet users did not hesitate to comment on their impressions of the soap opera that narrates the rise and fall of the greedy and vain Rubí, played prominently by Bárbara Mori. Rubí is a very beautiful woman who seeks to get out of her state of poverty, so, through manipulation and deceit, marries Hector, her best friend’s fiancé and a rich man.

After infidelities, accidents and pregnancies, the telenovela ends with the fall of Rubí, who loses all her money, her family, her husband and her beauty, after an accident in which she ends up with a disfigured face. Although the drama premiered in 2004, it has not ceased to surprise viewers, as many have stated that they are still excited to see Rubí paying for her actions.

In this sense, there are many comments about the character that circulate on networks, including many memes of those who they didn’t want to miss the end of the drama even though it’s not the first time they see it.

Similarly, there were many jokes about the ending, in which there is a time jump that shows Rubí’s niece, played by herself, seeking to execute the revenge that her aunt left pending. Nowadays, it causes a lot of ridicule that the character is the same Bárbara Mori wearing a blonde wig.

Although some details have aged and now look graceful, there is no doubt that the essence of the telenovela still captivates current generations that they are ready for a future repetition of the melodrama.

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