The author of a violent robbery of an 82-year-old woman was wanted in Rosario

The 50-year-old man arrested yesterday afternoon / night for the violent attempt to rob an 82-year-old woman, has a record and an active arrest order from the Rosario Justice.

This is Miguel Acevedo, a native of Córdoba, who was wanted by the Criminal Sentencing Court No. 4 of that city of Santa Fe, for the crime of qualified robbery, with the date of discharge of the request on May 28, 2005.

On the other hand, he has a strong record and served a 10-year prison sentence for assaults in our region, as reported by the Patrol Command, whose staff worked in the emergency together with the Seventh Police Station.

His capture took place around 20, in Maldonado at 200, after he tried to enter violently into a grandmother’s house, in Alberti at 100,.

A neighbor noticed the maneuver and put him to flight, although he followed in his footsteps and notified 911, which was finally able to reduce him, seizing in his possession a black bag that kept a handy inside with the police frequency.

It was reported that Acevedo had acted with another subject who fled and is wanted.

And it was also said that it is being investigated whether it was related to other events under the same modality, especially to the detriment of older adults.

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