The annulled votes: between humor and anger, the third local force

The truth is that in these categories the option of putting “alternative” votes into the ballots arranged in the dark room appears more easily than with the Single Ballot system. Photos, names of media characters and even notes loaded with anger, what is called “punishment vote” the “scolding vote“They were part of the findings of the table authorities at the time of the count.

Of course, some did it with more grace and others with more anger, even with notifications of several lines to argue the decision.

For Lourdes Lodi of the Electoral Political Observatory of the National University of Rosario (UNR) “the null vote levels are not very different from the previous ones and they are not attributable to the election system either. For the national it is 6 percent and in the election local level of the order of 8.82 percent. In 2017, the null vote for the category of councilor had been 10.27 percent and in 2019, 7.6 percent. It has different characteristics. One is inefficiency in training prior to the voters, “said the political scientist.

From the Observatory it was perceived among those consulted, 25 percent of the voters responded that they found out that they found out at the time of the dark room what they were going to do and how to vote. It is clear that information was lacking, they indicated.

Another point is the vote by mistake, which ignores the system of primaries that is higher in the Passages than the General ones and higher in the legislative ones than the executive positions. It is due to ignorance and the voter makes marks on different fronts.

And third, the presence of the so-called angry vote or the punishment vote that is expressed in the national decision by putting stamps inside envelopes or letters, and studs or drawings in the single ballot. “” In previous years we have carried out studies on the nature of the null vote with a single ballot and that allows us to see that, on this occasion, the rough vote was not superior to other editions. Some observers who were at the table count evaluated that, as a result of exhaustion from the long lines, many people may have expressed their anger when voting. They are isolated cases and not a generality, “said Lodi.

Just as in various parts of the country the name of the influencer Santiago Maratea appeared several times in the envelopes, in Rosario there was some River fan who preferred the technical director Marcelo Gallardo as a candidate and did not do so with just any image.

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Millionaires and the 2018 Copa Libertadores appeared among the alternatives.

The choice was a photograph of “El Muñeco” with the millionaire’s shirt on and lifting the Copa Libertadores in December 2018 during the triumph achieved in Madrid.

The most angry

With less humor and more anger, there were those who left long messages in the envelopes that had as main recipients the political leaders without distinction of parties.

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The refusal to vote and the arguments were recorded on paper.

The refusal to vote and the arguments were recorded on paper.

“I don’t vote. No candidate is of any use,” begins one of the messages found by the polling station authorities in the city. “We Argentines are tired of being robbed, lied to and taken advantage of,” he continued. “No one has a specific proposal. I say Enough.”

Another voter also expressed his anger in a letter where he made it clear that he considers that “all politicians are criminals”, whom he accused of having “stolen democracy.”

“Democracy without Justice leaves more poverty, death and injustice than a dictatorship,” he concluded, along with a dented ballot.

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The so-called vote

The so-called “angry” vote was maintained for observers within the percentages of the last elections.

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