The 20 works that & quot; fall & quot; of the Budget due to lack of financing

The Government of Mendoza aims to deal with the budget project in the coming weeks, to try to approve it, even in November. This standard is the “management plan” for next year and includes the works to be carried out. But there is a group of those works that were “hung” because they have no financing. Still, they included them as expressions of desire.

In the list of works there is everything; from the delayed Ecopark project, to the expansion of hospitals and hydraulic works. On the other hand, the works that do have guaranteed financing are housing (8 billion will be earmarked for that purpose) and Portezuelo del Viento, which has the resources, but not yet the final approval to start the work.

The list of unfunded works.

The excluded

Hospitals are the ones that suffer the most from the lack of financing for works. Although Health focused attention and resources due to the pandemic, now there is a lack of resources to carry out the works plan. At least according to what article 56 of the budget says. Without resources, the expansion and critical areas of the Hospital Nights, the electrical renovation of the Las Heras hospital, the Lujan Hospital, the expansion of the Scaravelli hospitalization area, the refunctionalization of the Schestakow, the same as in the Lavalle Syndrome and the oncology service of the Central Hospital and the works scheduled for El Sauce. To that list is added another more deteriorated hospital. Its about Lencinas, which has works scheduled but no resources have been foreseen to carry them out.

The works budget for next year is 27,470,190,708, without Portezuelo del Viento. Housing has 8,300 million pesos and education 7,400 million. Vialidad takes another 2,800 billion in total.

International organizations, such as the IDB, are the main “external” funders of works, together with the Nation, which allocates funds for housing. General income is allocated 11 billion to do works.

The Ecopark continues without financing for its realization.

One of the works most mentioned in recent times and that will continue without realization is that of the Ecopark. Since it closed in 2016, the zoo has been part of the Budget projects. But the place is still closed and unspecified. Actually the original idea was that there would be private investment, which did not happen either. There are two items in the unfunded Budget of the eco-park: new buildings and landscape intervention, with trails included. In 2022 they will have to keep waiting.

The other work related to the Park that does not have any money allocated is the improvement of the Frank Romero Day Greek Theater. In the bill there is a little pearl: they mention it as “Amphitheater”.

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