The 13th Córdoba Mercosur International Theater Festival continues

The 13th Córdoba Mercosur International Theater Festival 2021 is underway

The Córdoba Culture Agency , a through the Royal Theater and in the company of the Subdirectorate of Performing Arts , is presenting the 13th Córdoba Mercosur International Theater Festival 2021, until October 17 .

A different global stage

The Festival is presented in a reality crossed by moments of transition due to the Covid-19 pandemic that hit the world, which caused each person to change the way they relate to each other and put art as a place of meeting and containment. For this reason, and trying to preserve the essence of each edition, this year a new format is proposed where the face-to-face and the virtual coexist. Seeking to achieve one of its objectives, to bring the theater to different audiences from all corners of the local, national and world scope.

Expressions from various countries

This year the festival brings together more than 54 works by local, national and international companies with more than 300 artists on stage.

A total of 10 countries are part of this edition, thus, our country is joined by Ecuador, Spain, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Cuba, Italy and Korea.

Canada, present
Canada, present

Combined formats

In this new installment of the Festival, which will have two formats, face-to-face and virtual, a new way of doing theater is incorporated that was triggered by the quarantines in recent years by Covid-19. Thus, the theater sought a way to reach and contain the viewer through what is called Adjacent Theater. In this new proposal, the viewer will be able to be part of theatrical productions using different artistic and technological languages.

The Cordoba presence

The province of Córdoba, headquarters of this Festival, will be represented by four works of the Cordovan Comedy: Aurora negra by María Palacios, The sky that we are putting together by Belén Pistone, Hugging us hurts by Luis Quinteros and The dawn in which the dogs meet Guillermo Baldo’s God.

In addition, the winning work of the Provincial Theater Award 2021, DesHojado, and the five works selected in the FIT Córdoba Mercosur 2021 Call will be present: Let’s dance … the world ends !; I was born to see you smile; The best embalmed whore; Mother tongue and I’m not a Robot.

"Hugging us hurts", Córdoba present
“Hugging us hurts”, Córdoba present


The Festival is in essence, a confluence space of the theater and the performing arts of the world, with a diversity of aesthetics, formats and themes; including dance and music, the performative, the circus, the non-fictional, the new technologies, always framed in the profile of each edition. And it also becomes a space for reflection and debate with talks and workshops by the artists who are part of this edition.

Fellowship and exchange

Finally, the First Cordoba Theater Show is being held, a virtual meeting space between theater companies, national and international programmers and producers in order to establish bonds of mutual knowledge and exchange.

Programmers from different parts of our country and the world participate in this First Sample: Paraguay, Spain, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Chile, Brazil and Venezuela.


As in previous years, the FIT Córdoba Mercosur incorporates technology, this globalizing tool that leads the festival to internationalize in an efficient and fluid way; positive aspect in current times and that has allowed the incorporation of works carried out around the world, managing to attract audiences from different geographical spaces, thus placing the festival at the level of contemporary theater.

Cuba, present
Cuba, present

A contact with the world

The festival has the support of the Consulates of: Brazil, Spain, Italy, Korea, Chile, Cuba, Canada and the UNAM Company (National Autonomous University of Mexico). In addition, the Spain Córdoba Cultural Center, the Italian Institute of Culture Córdoba, the Seoul Arts Center, the Korean Cultural Center, the National Theater Institute and the Federal Investment Council.

How to take part

Tickets for the performances of the Teatro Real (San Jerónimo 66) start at $ 400 and can be obtained at the theater box office or at Independent plays have a value of $ 600 and are available at the box office in each theater. The performance of the Teatro del Libertador San Martín (Av. Vélez Sarsfield 365) is free, but tickets must be purchased in advance at The virtual performances are free, they will be broadcast by the festival portal. To participate in the Adjacent Theater experience, register using the forms available on the festival website.

Registration for workshops and talks [email protected]

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The 13th Córdoba Mercosur International Theater Festival continues

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