That’s how cute Shakira’s children are today

The gorgeous Colombian superstar Shakira It is not commonly the mothers themselves who usually go around posting photos with their children. In fact, since she was a mother, she has been characterized by being quite reserved with them for various reasons.

It is worth remembering that both Sasha Pique Mebarak What Milan Piqué Mebarak they are the fruits of his love with the footballer Gerard Piqué and from time to time, in the odd situation they are unexpectedly seen enjoying themselves as a family.

Precisely on this occasion, some images of intimate moments were revealed and the singer had no problem. Rather, he put the privacy of his children on hold and promptly on his profile of Instagram decided to post some cute and exceptional pictures with Milan and Sasha, aged 8 and 6, respectively.

As expected, they quickly went viral with millions of likes. The most striking thing is that that’s how cute Shakira’s children are today, big, beautiful and very polite, as they were heard in one of the last interviews that the singer gave and let them speak.

This time the joy that came from their smiles was worthy of being shared with the public and it was. La Loba took her offspring to the Wavegarden water park, a place dreamed of by children where there are systems that generate artificial waves and lagoons for surfing.

“SOURCE: Ciudad Magazine”

One of his first posts on his Instagram and for his 70 million followers was the rhetorical question he asked them: “Guess who I brought @wavegarden_official to!”

In another image that she also shared, the pop artist is seen hugging her youngest son in one of the pools. Under the cute photograph he wrote: “Milan is really starting to enjoy this!”

After seeing how cute the Shakira’s childrenIt is recalled that on some occasion the same singer has declared that the ocean for her is her “place of happiness.” In fact, last year she also shared a post on her Instagram where she was seen with her pink surfboard on a paradisiacal beach.

This time, in addition to the 2 photos, he also shared a video of the adventure on his Instagram Stories. There she was seen how she taught her little ones the nautical sport that she loves so much.

Without a doubt it is very rare to see photos of the sons from Shakira, therefore this time it is an almost unique opportunity and therefore we can confirm that this lindos see ven today.

Did you know them? Watch them have fun in TikTok with the last song by J. Balvín.

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