That Olympus-Central in Carminatti, played with a thermal of 50 degrees

Javier Páez breathed deeply once the game was over. He was trying to recover the air that he lacked. In the changing room area, the wind was soft and very hot, everything became sticky.

“The team was the one that did everything possible to withstand the weather, which, really, was very heavy. It was very difficult to play in those conditions, you couldn’t even run. But it hurt both of us, both Rosario and Olympus, “claimed” Satan. “

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It was not a day like today on the calendar, but Saturday, January 28, 2006, neither Satanás Páez nor Olimpo, nor Rosario Central will forget. Neither did the people present who, in the name of passion, endured an afternoon of stress quite similar to the one experienced this Thursday in Bahia, 16 years later.

That day when Olimpo drew 0-0 against the rosarino cast for the AFA first division Clausura, the thermal sensation in the city rose to 50 degrees, although with a maximum temperature of 40.6 at the time of the meeting.

At Carminatti, where the actions began at 5:00 p.m., at the hottest moment of the day, the firefighters made the humanitarian gesture of turning on the taps and “watering” the supporters in the stands, although this meant that the visiting dressing room was The water tank will run out and the Central squad will be out of the stadium without a refreshing shower.

The chronicle recalled that the firefighters “hosed” first on the side of the visiting rostrum.

“You ran for five or ten minutes and you were already drowned. It was very hard,” added the then platinum second-back of Olimpo in the interview with “The new one.”.

For the local coach, Omar Labruna, the heat affected performance but did not use it as an excuse.

“Something is true, the heat was suffocating, but it was for both of us. The team has to adjust some details, but as the dates go by it will take the rhythm and the game that I intend ”, said the DT.

The Sports cover of “La Nueva Provincia” and a very good title that played in two ways.

For Martín Wagner, Olympus central midfielder, it was a unique game in his life.

“I was angry … I do not remember having played a game with such heat. It was the hottest day of the year and I felt like I was gasping for air everywhere, “he said.

As a color data, go the formations of that day:

Olympus: Cambiasso; J. Martínez, Villavicencio, Páez, S. Escudero; Costela, Solana, Wagner, Benítez; Delorte and Maggioli. For its part, Central, led by Ángel Zof, lined up Ojeda; Rivarola, Fassi, Raldes, Moreira; Coudet, A. Díaz, Cálgaro, Eluchans; Ruben and Vitti.

The protagonists and the context changed. But after 16 years, around here everything remains the same in terms of climate …

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