"Temporarily incorrect" premieres this Saturday in Measure X Measure

“Temporarily incorrect” , premieres this Saturday with the cast of MXM, the Montevideo room 870.

What is it about …

The internal life of a building as a small cell of a society that shows solidarity and empathy in the face of the nearby tragedy, but that immediately calls into question the limits of individual rights. An acid comedy that shows human miseries exposed as admirable solidarity virtues.

Where and when

Premiere: Saturday, October 16
Functions: Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. and Sundays at 8:00 p.m. during october
Duration: 50 minutes
Classification: Dramatic comedy – Adult audience. Face-to-face modality.
General Admission: $ 500
Bookings: 3515116087 by whatsapp or [email protected] by mail

Room: Measure X Measure. Montevideo 670.

Arduous rehearsals before the premiere ...
Arduous rehearsals before the premiere …

Who act

Siripo Carducci
Lola Granada
Bruno Giomi
Sergio Pereyra
Ana Maria Alle
Miguel Di Salvo
Horacio Guerra
Alejandra Ruarte
Ignacio Rodriguez

Cast in full
Cast in full

Who attends …

Laura Roldán Pilone
Hernán Sevilla

Rehearsal and assembly of scenery
Rehearsal and assembly of scenery

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