With a mobile phone or EC card: How dangerous is contactless payment?

Even if contactless payment can generally be regarded as more secure, it cannot be ruled out that criminals can steal your data.

For example, the smartphone is more protected against manipulated reading devices thanks to the encryption of your information, the so-called “Host Card Emulation” technology (HCE), than your bank card, which forwards your payment data (your credit card number) 1:1 to the device. However, there is a possibility that the app with which NFC payment can be activated cannot be completely protected against professional hacking attacks. If your smartphone has been infected with a virus, you should definitely have your bank card blocked.

Your bank card is protected by requiring authentication by entering a PIN or signature between individual payment orders via NFC.

Basically, contactless payment can be seen as a good alternative to paying with cash. The payment process is largely secure. However, you should also exercise caution here and check in which shops you want to make contactless payments and your smartphone regularly check for malicious software.

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