V Rising crosses the milestone of 2 million copies sold

It is undoubtedly the success of this spring 2022. Available in early access since May 19, V Rising has continued to attract new playersto reach the symbolic bar of two million copies sold in one month, a nice average of about 500,000 new players per week.

It must be said that the experience is rather pleasant and the progression very linear. V Rising indeed offers several dozen hours of play before going around in circles, which is very substantial for an early access game. What’s more, the cooperative and/or PvP aspect greatly helps to retain players.

Moreover, new things will soon arrive on the survival game, whether in terms of biomes, resources or weapons to craft. Of course, new bosses will also be implemented, to extend the experience. We don’t yet know when the final version of V Rising will be released, but the developers want to take the time.

V Rising remains available on Steam, in early access, and has no plans to release on consoles at this time. You can take advantage of our guides to progress in the game, but also an interactive map, to know the location of certain things more quickly.

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