TikToker vs YouTuber: who makes more money?

doTikTok or YouTube? The short videos are taking over all social media platformsbe it Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and last but not least YouTube.

Youtube is the first, and so far, the largest platform for sharing videos. But, for the past few years, a video sharing application on social networks presented a difficult challenge for YouTube.

Is about TikTok. has won a immense popularity and audience base after its release. Although TikTok is not the first platform to introduce short video creation functionality, it is the most popular short video platform.

Looking towards retaining people towards short videos, YouTube launched its short video platform youtube shorts.

What are the differences between the two platforms in terms of video creation and income opportunities? But before continuing with the differentiation between YouTube Shorts and TikToklet’s take a brief look at both platforms.

TikTok has an unstoppable growth for now.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is now the platform short video creation most famous owned by the Chinese company ByteDance. People can add the most popular songs and music to their videos, add many filters and effects to their videos.

TikTok was previously known as Musically, which was an app for short lip sync videos. TikTok has billions of monthly active users.

There is only short videos with many filters of attractive videos, and an extensive database of Audio. That makes people addicted to scrolling down right after finishing a video.

YouTube is the largest video platform in the world.

YouTube is the largest video platform in the world.

What is YouTube Shorts?

The success of TikTok attempted to be replicated by many applications. In fact, social networks like Facebook and Instagram they added the same functionality to their platforms.

Instagram, which is the platform for share photos most popular, adapted the functionality of short videos and created Instagram Reels. Added the feature to your app.

At the end of 2020, YouTube launched its own version of the functionality of short videos in beta version. It started in countries like USA and India. Then he began to roll to other countries.

Now, if you look at the time, it seems that Youtube It took him too long to put on his shoes for this race. Most people have already switched to TikTok.

However, YouTube took some bold steps that could help you get back in the game and even play well. In fact, Youtube made some changes to its mobile app and further promotes the short videos.

TikTok has an algorithm

TikTok has a “democratic” algorithm.

Earning Opportunities on YouTube Shorts and TikTok

Both platforms are quite similar in terms of functionality as they allow people create short videos but there are certain differences in income.

How to make money on TikTok?

Since there are so many TikTok creators around the world, their Profits vary from person to person. The creators who have the most followers naturally earn more money with various methods of obtaining income.

The earning options used by most TikTok creators are as follows.

1- Income options with short videos on TikTok: sponsored posts

Anyone influential in social networks It has a real impact on its followers. If you have 100 thousand followers who regularly watch your videos, you have 100 thousand people willing to buy any product and service if they need it.

Brands know it too. That’s why companies hire influencers (“influencers“) on social media to promote your products and services.

In fact, the influencer marketing It has become a new trend. creators who have millions of followers, if they mention any product or service in their video, it reaches millions of people.

Especially, if you have just started your business, you can easily make yourself known to people by hiring any tik tok creator have a large fan base.

2 – Income options with short videos on TikTok: donations

This is the only method of built-in income TikTok creators have so far. The tik tok coins. People can buy TikTok coins with real money. Actually, your payment is converted into coins and they do multiple types of things.

Usually, followers send coins to creators for ongoing live sessions. You can consider this as a donation.

Later, when the creator collects coins, he can convert them into cash and get them with your preferred method. That’s an important revenue option that creators can take advantage of no matter how small the fan base that they have

YouTube Shorts is the short video proposal of the platform owned by Alphabet.

YouTube Shorts is the short video proposal of the platform owned by Alphabet.

How to make money on YouTube Shorts?

YouTube was a late starter in this competition but has come up with some great strategies. No matter what platform you have, whether it’s a Search Enginea social networking site or something else, you can’t have enough of an audience if you don’t have enough content or information.

YouTube simply pushes the creation of short videos by offering some attractive revenue opportunities.

YouTube Shorts Earning Options – Monetizing Short Videos

The creators of Youtube have a method monetization built-in video, Google AdSense. Once they meet the AdSense criteria, they are eligible to show ads on their videos.

Every time a ad show your videos, win a certain percentage. At the end of the month, your earnings are assigned to the creator and they can withdraw them.

Previously, creators couldn’t monetize your short videos. But then YouTube allowed to monetize them. However, there are many strict policies that creators must adhere to if they want to include ads in their shorts:

  • The creator must have a YouTube channel enabled for monetization.
  • The creators cannot use copyrighted music in his short videos.
  • the short video must be originalany copies of the video will not be monetized.

To enable monetization on the YouTube channel, creators must meet the criteria listed above. But, with YouTube shorts, creators don’t need to meet those monetization criteria.

You can start earning money with YouTube shorts immediately after creating a new channel or uploading a Shorts video to an existing channel.

To earn from Shorts, YouTube will look at videos that earned the most views and have the most interactions on them. Also, the video must be original.

On YouTube there are famous cases of children reviewing games.

On YouTube there are famous cases of children reviewing games.

TikToker vs YouTuber: where do you get the best income?

People are used to creating and watching short videos on TikTok. So in terms of audience, sometimes TikTok creators would see a larger audience base.

But since YouTube has top earning optionsit could be effective to attract the creators from conventional videos to YouTube Shorts.

So, looking at the options of income available, YouTube Shorts have far better earning opportunities than TikTok.

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