The virtual world increasingly present: these are LG’s options to enjoy this new way of life

LG’s immersive products ensure an unmatched virtual experience. Find out in detail what this new way of life is about

Every day, people are more attracted to the idea of ​​being able to live a completely different life in another immersive virtual plane, something like a life within another. And technological advances are progressing by leaps and bounds and making that future ever closer.

When one speaks of this virtual life it is necessary to know terms such as “metaverso”, which refers to an alternative digital reality, where people work, play and socialize with who they want, how they want and when they want. It is precisely the sum of everything that is on the internet, and It has almost certainly played a role in the lives of many in some way or another. Especially those belonging to the millennial generation, avid gamers or just people who are passionate about futuristic technology.

In this framework, and seeking to be in tune with these trends, LG offers highly immersive products such as the LG OLED TV, which provides the most faithful colors and an image quality that, a few years ago, was unthinkable. In addition, the new generation of TVs OLED includes technologies NVIDIA,  G-SYNC y AMD FREESYNC, which synchronize the image, avoid tearing and ensure the best experience. And, in order to offer a complete experience, LG put itself in the shoes of gamers and included the Twitch platform within the innovated television OLED.

On the other hand, LG TV OLED they are ideal to combine with the sound bar LG SN4 that has virtual 3D audio and, in this way, finish elevating the audiovisual experience to the maximum to feel that you are really in a recital, soccer stadium, or in a remote place in nature.

Thanks to these innovative teams from LG, When it comes to picture and sound, the hundreds of millions of fans of the metaverso they can enjoy living a life that feels just as realistic from the comfort and safety of home.

More options to experience “virtuality”

In addition, LG offers other options that coexist with the idea of ​​virtuality, among which the LG UltraGear Gamer Monitors, which provide the highest resolution and the most complete color gamut, in addition to an ultra-fast response rate of just 1 millisecond. In addition, these monitors support the new HDMI 2.1 standard that allows you to play in 4K up to 120 frames per second (FPS). This is ideal for shooter, racing or sports games, so that gamers and metaverse enthusiasts are assured of an immersive creative experience without limits.

If you talk about artificial intelligence, you can’t ignore the refrigerator LG InstaView ThinQ, which, in addition to being very spacious, offers complementary functions of the most advanced technology: it presents a touch screen that can be used to display messages, set expiration dates for all foods and display photos, which are sent to the cell phone and thus know exactly what needs to be bought at the exact moment. Likewise, based on the information it collects, the refrigerator will be able to offer helpful meal suggestions based on available ingredients. Reality surpasses fiction and all this that seems very futuristic, is already a fact and without a doubt, it will be the norm in just a few years.

Also, since the COVID-19 pandemic began, virtual showrooms have become the norm, almost by reflex, so that companies can continue to show off their novelties to different audiences. Several will continue to combine physical and virtual spaces even when the effects of the pandemic have diminished. In July 2021, LG launched its LG HVAC Virtual Experience, an interactive online showroom that offers visitors the opportunity to browse and learn all about its broad portfolio of HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning products) solutions, anytime, anywhere.

The novelty is that the designers of LG are creating environments based on real living spaces to accurately assess the product’s ability to harmonize spatially and aesthetically with a range of different interior styles and configurations. But, until then and in the meantime, LG offers endless top-of-the-range alternatives to enjoy a virtual experience like no other.

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