The best free OCR programs – CHIP

gImageReader is a free GUI for Tesseract that can recognize text from documents in PDF format, but also handles images as JPG, PNG, GIF, and more. In addition to gImageReader, there are a variety of other third-party user interfaces available selectionbut these are usually more limited in functionality or more complicated to set up.
gImageReader is characterized by the fact that the German interface is included. In addition, all important editing functions are on board. You can convert entire documents or individual blocks into editable text.
If a scan is too dark for the OCR function, you can use the tool to make adjustments directly. In order for documents in German to be reliably recognized, you must also specify German as the scan language – you can convert a total of over 100 different languages ​​in this way. Additional write rights are required to download the German language file. You must start gImageReader with a right click as an administrator and then add the language in the settings.

Once your text has been recognized, you can make manual improvements or have the line breaks removed automatically, for example. You can copy the text directly to the clipboard or save it as a TXT file.

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