The 7 professions most sought after by companies for the Metaverse

22% of companies already see the metaverse as “the future of business.” What to study so as not to miss this fabulous opportunity

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06/21/2022 – 10:13 a.m.

The pandemic situation and the rise of technology promoted digitization in all kinds of areas, including work. The appearance of metaverse also has consequences for future of work.

The metaverse is a virtual space that is attracting the attention of the economic and business sector. According to the “Metaverse for Brands” study conducted by Sortlist, a 22% of companies see the metaverse as the “future” of business, and along the same lines, more than 15% understand it as a new way of doing business.

In addition, according to the report prepared by the consulting firm Analysis Group and financed by Meta, this virtual universe could contribute $3 trillion of global GDP in 2031which would mean 2.8% of the current total.

The Business Reports forecast, which estimates that 50% of daily activities in 2025 will be carried out through the metaverse, which includes both entertainment issues and work activities.

The most wanted professions for the metaverse

Giancarlo Valente, co-founder of Aulab, a company specialized in training in the field of web development, points out that “educational infrastructures are the first link to train competent professionals in the digital and technological field”.

The success of the metaverse will only be possible if there are qualified profiles in positions related to computer engineering, cybersecurity or virtual reality, among other rising professions,” he told RRHH Digital.

The 7 most wanted professions to work in the metaverse

The 7 most wanted professions to work in the metaverse

Under this premise, Aulab shares the seven most wanted professions by companies after the growth of the metaverse:

  • Hardware Engineers: the metaverse demands cameras, headphones, sensors, for its proper functioning. For its development, hardware engineers will be necessary to improve all these devices.
  • Metaverse scientists and virtual reality: it is necessary to manage the information found in the virtual world.
  • security engineer: The blockchain is a widely used security and data management system. In the metaverse it is crucial to guarantee the protection of user data.
  • NFT Expert (encrypted digital asset): its function is to analyze trends in the technology sector to know how to take advantage of opportunities and offer new plans. It also requires knowledge of blockchain technology.
  • Ecosystem Developer: Your role is to coordinate the team to ensure that virtual capabilities can be applied at scale.
  • Virtual Reality Software Engineers: Engineers with skills in both virtual reality and augmented reality are needed as the metaverse develops.
  • 3D game designers: These professionals will be responsible for creating the characters and story, as well as designing the settings and gameplay for the avatars that navigate the metaverse.

With these premises, the talents who are thinking about what to study today and are also interested in developing their professional career in the metaverse, can guide their choice today to have one of the professions with the most future and job opportunities tomorrow.

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