Number of active FIFA 22 users grew 65% on PlayStation in May

Game ranked 12th in streaming rankings on Twitch and Facebook Gaming

Data collected by Newzoo, statistics portal on the gaming universe, reveals that FIFA 22 is one of the most popular sports games at the moment, showing good results for Electronic Arts (EA). During the month of May, the game was in 3rd in monthly active users on Playstation and Xboxranking 37th on PC.

In addition, onnumber of users increased by 65% ​​on Playstation consoles, while on Xbox it was 6.7% and on PC it was 30.1%. Of course, the main reason for this result is because the title was made available as one of the free Playstation Plus games for the month of May, alongside Curse of the Dead Gods and Tribes of Midgard.

For this reason, we can expect a significant increase in the number of active users in FIFA 22 between the end of June and the month of July for Xbox consoles, as the title will arrive on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play on June 23 – It is reinforced that it is in Game Pass Ultimate.

The football game should also remain highly popular and take advantage of the proximity to the Qatar Football World Cup, maintaining good numbers of active users, as well as content transmitted by streamers, where FIFA 22 has surpassed the 820,000 mark. hours streamed on Twitch and Facebook Gaming, ranking 12th in the streaming ranking.

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Good returns for EA

The three markets with the highest number of active players across all platforms were the United States, England and Germany. Also according to Newzoo data, FIFA 2022 is generating money for EA in the console market, ranking 9th in revenue for the month of May. Games like FIFA and Apex Legends are some of the reasons why EA has been showing excellent fiscal results, surpassing values ​​above US$ 780 million.

As one of the main topics of the second half of the year 2022 in the sports world will be the Football World Cup, the game should remain popular and showing good results on all platforms.


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Source: MyPS, newzoo

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