Largest freshwater marine animal discovered

An impressive giant stingray discovered in Cambodia’s Mekong River has been highlighted as the sea ​​animal largest freshwater

The huge fish has dimensions of four meters and 300 kilograms.

The freshwater stingray is an endangered species and may soon be Red Listed in the Mekong countries.

The discovery of the giant stingray in the Mekong “shows that nature is still capable of surprising us,” according to the director of the center Wonders of the MekongZeb Hogan, a biologist at the University of Nevada (USA), quoted by the newspaper, after scientists examined the fish.

The previous record for size in freshwater was a catfish discovered in Thailand weighing 293 kilos.

The Wonders of the Mekongis a Foundation for Sustainable Development and Resilience, which is an initiative to study the biodiversity, climate and hydrology of the Mekong River Basin,

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