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IIYAMA, an expert brand for 50 years

The highly regarded iiyama brand, founded in the eponymous Japanese town of Iiyama in Nagano Prefecture, is recognized for its computer screens around the world since 1973. Always wishing to offer the best possible experience, iiyama has developed the G-Master rangewhich offers screens for video game enthusiasts so that they can unleash their full potential in game.

All stages, from conception to development, including the design of the iiyama G-Master monitors have been cleverly designed to give all the keys to success to the most passionate players.

Red Eagle: Professional screens

Summary of the range

The Red Eagle clan aims to offer professional gamers, and looking for competitiveness, a solution allowing them to make the most of the performance of an RTX 3060 to 3080. As the latter are not looking for frills and particular designs, the manufacturer relies on the technical characteristics.

This is how the screens GB3467WQSU and G4380UHSU were created to bring the best to the players, without, however, amputating their budget. We have already presented these two products as well as the ranges suitable for the general public in our article iiyama G-Master: Screens designed for gamers.


note that Red EAGLE monitor prices are also suitable and vary between €179 and €649 in order to allow as many people as possible to have access to all of its technologies while adapting them to different wishes. Some of these products accompany the performance of new game consoles and thus become cross-platform monitors, up to 165hz performance on PC and 120FPS next-gen FHD QHD & UHD consoles.


Always further

Anxious to make improvements and an ever more competitive product, IYAMA unveils its new monitor with impressive features, the GB2870UHSU FAST IPS 150Hz HDMI 2.1 which introduces the notion of VRR (variable refresh rate or in French variable rate refreshment), which offers, as a bonus, a 4K display. And for those who own both PC and Console universes, these new products IYAMA G master will be the ultimate choice to increase their game experience and of course win all their battles!


Black Hawk: Versatile screens

Summary of the range

Even if you don’t have the budget or simply the need for such advanced technologies, the range black hawk presents more humble, but no less capable monitors. Most slabs vary between FHD and QHD to make the most of your office experiences whether they are intended for gaming or work.

The screens are more moderate sizes with widths ranging from 21″ to 27″but maintain a comfortable response time of 1ms in order toincrease the fluidity of your games.


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