Ghost of Tsushima: A second opus in development?

Players who have finished Ghost of Tsushima await with great hope and impatience a communication from Sucker Punch, which would officially announce the development of a second opus. Indeed, the adventures of Jin Sakai deserve a sequel.

On this subject, several information circulating on the Web suggest that Ghost of Tsushima 2 could already be in the works. First, let’s remember that at the end of January, the studio’s creative director, Dave Molloy, added a detail to his Linkedln biography. Indeed, Dave Molloy had written ” currently working on the Ghost of Tsushima on PS5 “, before erasing this mention shortly after. A first clue that had caught the attention of fans of the license. In addition, in the past, several descriptions for positions to be filled, within the Sucker Punch team, had aroused doubts.

Incidentally, the studio recently released a new job offer. This time, it concerns the following position: “Encounter Designer”. According to the description of responsibilities, the person in question must be able to ” deliver interesting and varied encounters in an open-world game, with a strong emphasis on melee combat and infiltration “. This offer is reminiscent of those published for Ghost of Tsushima at the time, and would therefore suggest, once again, that a second opus could be in preparation.

For the moment, nothing is less certain. Indeed, this post could just as well indicate that a next opus Sly Cooper or a new InFamous would be in development. Thus, this information should be taken with a grain of salt. It is best to wait for an official communication from Sucker Punch or PlayStation, to know whether or not Ghost of Tsushima 2 will see the light of day. To be continued…

As a reminder, Ghost of Tsushima is available on PS4 and PS5. The title also has a Director’s Cut edition offering the base game, the Iki Island extension, the cooperative and online Legends mode, cosmetic elements and comments from the creative team.

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