Get Party Food, Chill Challenge – Fortnite

The Fortnite special challenges are always in the game for this chapter 3 season 3, and allow you to have additional quests in order to obtain XP. Every Tuesday, starting at 3 p.m., the Relax challenges come out and offer players the opportunity to participate in a few rather simple activities. While most of these challenges won’t be too difficult to complete, as there’s a lot of information displayed in-game. However, some are more difficult than others, including the one asking you toget food for the party.

How do I get food for the party?

This challenge is the second stage of the first challenge in the Relax category and therefore asks you toget food for the party. If you don’t know how to succeed in this challenge, which will require you to repeat the operation six times, know that everything is relatively simple. In fact, it suffices to search fruit crates to complete the challenge. Each fruit picked up advances the challenge by 1 and you can pick up, throw and pick up the same fruit again six times for the stage to be completed.

So the hardest task is to find a box of fruit, but know that we get it all over the place. In the cities, go to the stores or the kitchens of the houses to find them easily.

You can find it on the map below several locations of vegetable or fruit boxes, in order to quickly complete this challenge and move on to the next step. We’ve given you places that are supposed to be quieter, so you can complete the challenge without too much difficulty.

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