Fortnite: A Creative mode map allows you to play Pong

Epic Games allows its players to create many things, related to the battle royale or not, via the Creative mode. In recent years, we have already seen a multitude of projects born, whether references to games, films or simply original experiences. Recently, a player, named Granto, worked on an original project, the integration of Pong in Fortnite.

Pong is one of the first video games, which originated on arcade maids, allowing two players to pass the ball to each other, ping-pong style, hence the name. Despite the passage of time, Pong remains very popular, and has therefore integrated Fortnite thanks to Granto. As you can see, the experience seems quite playable, directly through the Creative mode.

Although it seems simple on the surface, making Pong playable in Fortnite remains a small feat, technically speaking. Unfortunately, if you want to play it and challenge your friends, it looks like it’s not possible yet, as the creator hasn’t shared the code for the island. But there is no doubt that it will end up doing so, so that the whole community can benefit from it.

In the meantime, we remind you that Chapter 4 of Fortnite is about to arrive, since the end of Chapter 3 has been officially announced by Epic Games. Battle royale players will be able to participate in a special event for the occasion.

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