Do you have a future? Babylon’s Fall hits 0 concurrent players on Steam

Platinum Games’ action game sees its community shrinking more and more

Launched in February of this year, Babylon’s Fall is a game that never attracted much attention and may even have been forgotten by most people. Despite his problems, he’s always had a small, active community, which also seems to be slowly giving up on the adventure — which registered a total of 0 players on Steam on the 16th of June.

The situation was repeated again on Saturday (19), and the trend is that it will happen again, thanks to recent decisions by Square Enix. Although he stated that he did not give up the game, the company decided to extend the duration of its second season to six months.. In general, decisions of this type often precede announcements that a game as a service will be completely shut down.

Steamcharts data shows that while there are currently some people playing Babylon’s Fall, the game did not exceed the amount of 32 simultaneous players in the last week. In comparison, marvel’s avengers — also considered a game with a small community — maintains a daily average of approximately 300 people.

Future of the game is being reassessed

The last major update of the game, developed by Platinum Games, took place on the 31st of May of this year. In it, the adventure gained a new Season Pass and an all-new chapter to its story, in addition to new missions, factions, weapons and elements, as well as a selection of cosmetic items.

Square Enix promises that version 1.2.1 of the title will arrive on July 12 with a similar content pack. Already on the 19th of the same month, Babylon’s Fall should debut its Festival of the Sun, which promises to have a limited duration — what happens after that is still unclearas the company stated that the future of the game is being re-evaluated at the current moment.

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Meet the only player who was active in Babylon's Fall for PC

Meet the only player who was active in Babylon’s Fall for PC
The game’s lack of popularity attracted the lone wolf

Platinum Games says that the game is still in the development process and that it will keep the promise of deliver at least a third season of additional content. However, it seems that something more will have to be done for the title to capture the attention of a healthy number of players from its versions to PRAÇA and platforms PlayStation.


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