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A chop saw is equally interesting for do-it-yourselfers and hobbyists, because wood, plastics, etc. can be cut precisely with little effort. If you want to lay parquet, for example, you can quickly and easily shorten the narrow wooden strips to the same length.

Some chop saws can also be used to cut soft metals such as aluminum or sheet metal. When buying, pay attention to the materials for which the model of your choice can also be used. Because especially if you want to cut harder metal like steel, you need a device with the right saw blade.

How the chop saw works: In terms of structure, chop saws are very similar to circular saws. The difference, however, is that the saw blade and the drive motor are attached to a pivoting arm. This swivel arm is connected to a base plate on which the material to be cut is clamped. The arm must now – without much effort – be pressed down. The saw blade enters the piece at a 90 degree angle and makes the cut – and in a short time. This saves a lot of time, especially when you have to saw larger quantities.

In the following table we show you cross-cut saws that have been rated very well for inspiration, with important information about which materials can be cut with the respective model.

Comparison instead of test: What’s the difference?

For this comparison, a CHIP specialist editor examined test reports from other publications as well as the most popular offers (“best sellers”) and customer opinions from online retailers. Based on this we made the product selection. When selecting the top devices, we focus on models with more than four stars and a reasonably high number of reviews. We have read a selection of customer reviews and selected devices that, based on our professional assessment, meet the needs of the users. The products have not been tested in the CHIP test center.

All products that the CHIP test center had in the laboratory can be found in this list of the best. Products that have also been tested by our cooperation partners can be found in our test & purchase advice and in our consumer portal.

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